Get Our 30-Minute, Weekly Devotional Guide To Help You Stay Accountable To Each Other & Your Business Ambitions And FULLY Embrace The 12 Commandments

Usually $39 But On This Page Only:

 Usually $39 But On This Page Only:

Get The Commitment You Need 
To Follow The 12 Commandments 
As A Couple

Get The Commitment You Need To Follow The 12 Commandments As A Couple

We created our devotional guide to help you find a place for the 12 commandments in your specific relationship. Each month is dedicated to mastering one of the 12 commandments.

It does not matter when you start. What matters is where you finish as a couple! 

The devotional guide includes: 
  • Business & Relationship Principles
  • Date Night Ideas
  • Questions & Journaling
  • ​Discussion Prompts 
  • ​Scripture Reading & Prayer Opportunities
It is a great exercise for ANY couple who is serious about succeeding in life and business. 

Every month, for 30-minutes, you can schedule time to spend together working through this devotional. 

You will learn more about each other. 

You will be challenged to think as a couple in new ways. 

You will grow together as a unit towards your biggest goals. 

This kind of commitment and prioritization is EXACTLY what makes for a successful power couple and LovePreneurs...

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Usually $39 But On This Page Only:

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