Discover How To Thrive In Love AND Business after a PANDEMIC & Start Living A JOINT DREAM Life 

Discover How To Thrive In Love AND Business after a PANDEMIC & Start Living A JOINT DREAM Life 

Master The 12 SECRETS ( Commandments ) Of LOVE & BUSINESS In LovePreneur’s 
Brand New Course 
Master The 12 Commandments Of LOVE In LovePreneur’s Brand New Course 

Special Early Bird Pricing Still Applies - Get $50 Off: 

Special Early Bird Pricing Still 
Applies - Get $50 Off: 

Become The Next Best Powerful Couple Bossing EVERY AREA Of Your Life 

A lot of people believe that you can’t combine love and business. We’re here to tell you that a lot of people are wrong! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your relationship to run a successful business…

Or put your business dreams on the back burner to keep the fire in your relationship alive. You can have both, and we want to show you HOW.

Hi, we’re Demetrius and Dhayany Walker, AKA the LovePreneurs. We’ve been successfully in business since 2007 and married since 2010. 
In that time, we’ve grown a $10,000 car business into a multi-million portfolio including:
  • Child Care 
  • Real Estate Investing
  • ​New Construction Development
  • ​Automotive Industry
  • Non Profit

We’ve learned a lot together in business and in love. 

Ultimately, the lessons in trust, humility, wisdom, determination and perseverance have all played a role in us becoming the POWER COUPLE that we are today. For YEARS people have asked us for our advice:
  • How do we maintain a relationship and start a business?
  • How do I juggle my business with a new relationship? 
  • ​How do we work towards the same goals? 
  • ​How do we grow together and not apart?
  • ​...How do we not kill each other? 
The truth is, there is a secret to managing love, business, and all the pressures and pains it brings inside of one relationship…

Those SECRETS are the 12 Commandments! 

If you master and obey them, you will find a beautiful balance where your relationship and business thrive TOGETHER, side by side as ONE.

It becomes a WAY OF LIFE and not a sacrifice.  

You Will Become LovePreneurs.

In Our New Course, You Get To Master The First 6 Commandments

To put it simply, this course is like nothing else you will be able to find out there. It will not only help you as an individual but what you takeaway from these teachings will mean as a couple together you will develop further into your Lovepreneur roles.

Following the course you will have all the tools needed to change your life together.

These commandments hold the powerful secret to getting your business AND relationship to work together to create incredible personal, and professional growth. 

Get Ready To Master: 

Commandment #01 - Know Your Role

Do you know your JOINT purpose in life that fuels your vision? 

Do you know exactly what strengths you each need to contribute to your relationship and business?

Successful Lovepreneuers have clearly defined roles to dominate their goals at work and at home, we’ll teach you how to pinpoint them. 

Commandment #02 - Be A Team

LovePreneurs understand that teamwork will make their dreams work. 

Discover how to set meaningful goals that matter to both of you and brainstorm ways to achieve them together. 

All while feeding off of each other and understanding how to receive and offer feedback with complete trust.

Commandment #3 - 
Self-Contentment Is Not An Option 

As much as you are a team, you’re also responsible for your own self- improvement. 

Master how to create an environment for growth, change, and being open to learning new things as a couple AND as an individual. 

Being stuck in your ways will lead to a stagnant and mediocre life. 

Being LovePreneurs is about being game-changers, eliminating traditions, and making challenging the "norm,” the NORM.  

Commandment #4 - Forgive And Let Go

LovePreneurs know that a perfect relationship does not exist BUT power couples who can rise through their mistakes and flaws do! 

Learn how to be secure with your partner making mistakes and not being perfect. 

See how to appreciate the blessing in the flaw, not the burden and create an opportunity within the mistake and merge it into a purpose.

Commandment #5 - 
Fight For What's Right, Not Who's Right

How do you work together, without competing with one another? 

How do you bounce back after a fight? 

You’ll learn how to create resolutions, eliminate the need for control and adopt a sense of compromising and willingness to always resolve…

...and never revolt. 

Every peaceful partnership is built with a clear vision of purpose that no disagreement can dissolve.

Commandment #6 - 
Support Each Other's Individual Path

As a power couple, you have ONE vision with different positions.  

Discover how you can BOTH have your own purpose within your joint vision AND even pursue your own missions, passions, and interests with FULL support. 

There should never be a time when your partner feels unsupported. Vision is not about what you see. It is about what’s to become. 

You will learn how to be dedicated to each play of your positions, giving 100% effort in the fulfillment of the vision.

Plus Secure Early Bird Pricing 
Today & Get Access To The Final 6 Commandments Too! 

We’ve designed the course to be an introduction to the 12 Commandments. There’s a lot to learn and they’re not something you can blitz through. You must lay the groundwork and ensure that they’ve become a way of life for you as a power couple. 

Remember, patience is a key part of success in business, relationships and in life and it cannot be rushed. BUT, if you get the course today…

For a staggering $50 discount...

AS AN EARLY BIRD, you will get the complete set of 12 Commandments as soon as you’ve finished the first 6:
  • Commandment #01: Know Your Role
  • Commandment #02: Be A Team
  • Commandment #03: Self-contentment Is Not An Option 
  • ​Commandment #04: Forgive And Let Go
  • ​Commandment #05: Fight For What's Right, Not Who's Right
  • ​Commandment #06: Support Each Other's Individual Path
  • Commandment #07: Space
  • Commandment #08: Similar Values And Goals
  • Commandment #09: Weekly Date Nights 
  • ​Commandment #10: Like Minded Couples
  • ​Commandment #11: Communication
  • ​Commandment #12: Giving

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